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2.0 G406

2.0 G406

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sonata2020 2.0 G406

5 Number of seats
180 HP
5.5 / 11.4 / 7.7 100km City/Out of City/Mixed

Technology loves you.

And it makes perfect sense. The all-new Sonata is winning hearts and minds with its advanced technologies that actually care for your well-being. Its advanced driver assistance technologies work invisibly behind the scenes to liberate you from the worries and stress of driving and make you a smarter, better and safer driver.
From the exterior styling to the driving dynamics, Sonata projects sensuous sportiness which served as the guiding concept throughout Sonata’s development. And because today’s drivers want a smart, personalized experience, Sonata answers the call with a suite of connectivity and convenience features. Whatever your lifestyle, Sonata is the perfect fit that will open the door to a whole new world of driving freedom and pleasure.

Sonata technology loves you

Technology that inspires.

Sonata’s high style does more than just spark the emotions. It delivers high rewards with innovative design features like the gradient hidden light technology, a sure conversation starter that adds to Sonata’s mystique. Sonata’s high-tech image is reinforced with LED rear combination lamps and available full-LED front lighting. For a statement that expresses high performance, Hyundai offers the optional 18-in alloy wheel package and premium Pirelli tires.

Sonata technology that inspires

A step closer to perfection.

Step into the new Sonata and discover that driving perfection is closer than ever. That should come as good news because nobody is perfect: Mistakes can happen but Sonata’s advanced driver assistance technologies can identify trouble before you do and will even take corrective measures to help make you a safer, better driver. Every detail of the Sonata is truly new yet all of the key touchpoints feel so familiar and instinctive to use for a feeling of total trust and confidence. The new Sonata: It really does bring you closer to driving perfection than ever before.

Sonata a step closer to perfection

Sound that embraces you.

The all-new Sonata‘s premium BOSE audio system creates an immersive sound experience of such startling realism and clarity that you‘ll feel like you‘re actually there at the original source. This upgrade comes with twelve acoustically-tuned speakers, Centerpoint Surround Sound and dynamic speed compensation that will have you feeling like you have been transported into the recording studio. This upgrade comes with twelve acousticallytuned speakers, Centerpoint Surround Sound and dynamic speed compensation that will have you feeling like you have been transported into the recording studio. Bluetooth, now installed as a standard feature, further elevates the listening experience by providing the convenience of a hands-free connection to your smartphone.

Sonata sound that embraces you.


Richer volume and sensory aspects based on the latest design and manufacturing technology.

Sonata exterior front design


New digital pulse cascading grill.


A combination of big,
bold volume and sharp edges.

Newly designed grille and high-tech headlamp to represent the HYUNDAI design direction to achieve sensual design.

Sonata front view

Sonata Radiator grille

Radiator grille

Sonata Black & Chrome coating radiator grille

Black & Chrome coating radiator grille

Sonata Projection headlamps / Daytime running light (Bulb)

Projection headlamps / Daytime running light (Bulb)

Sonata LED headlamps (MFR type) / Daytime running light (LED)

LED headlamps (MFR type) / Daytime running light (LED)

Sonata LED headlamps (Projection type) / Daytime running light (LED)

LED headlamps (Projection type) / Daytime running light (LED)

Sonata exterior side design


Sensuous Sportiness, the next generation of modern design direction.


Sporty sedan image representation

Enrich your sporty and beautiful profile with rich volume and sensual lines.

Sonata side view

Sonata Outside door handle

Outside door handle

Sonata 16-inch steel wheel

16˝Steel wheel

Sonata 16-inch alloy wheel

16˝Alloy wheel

Sonata 17-inch alloy wheel

17˝Alloy wheel

Sonata 18-inch alloy wheel

18˝Alloy wheel

Sonata exterior rear design


Slim rear combination lamp of the horizontal type.


Aerodynamic Tail Lamp Aero Pin.

High-tech rear-view design that displays a wide horizontal line and a stable stance and future-oriented technology.

Sonata rear view

Sonata  LED rear combination lamps

LED rear combination lamps

Sonata  rear fog lamp

LED high mount stop lamp

Interior Features

High quality image based on practicality and stability which are basic of mid size family sedan.

Arrive relaxed.

The all-new Sonata takes equally good care of its passengers with seats that bolster and support the spine’s natural S-curve so you can really feel the difference that good design makes. The relaxation comfort seat allows the front passenger to unwind by replicating the spinal support of a reclining chaise lounge to achieve a feeling of near weightlessness.

Sonata arrive relaxed.

Sonata premium relaxation seat (passenger)

Premium relaxation seat (passenger)

Maximum engagement.

Step inside and discover an interior that engages and satisfies all the senses. The cabin is a visual feast projecting elegance, warmth and delivering a rich tactile experience. The dials of the SuperVision cluster come to life with stunning clarity and show impressive depth: Numbers and batons are crisp and clean with the gauges scoring big points for their elegance and functional simplicity. And just as customers would expect, the AVN touchscreen replicates the user experience of a smartphone ensuring the all-new Sonata is perfectly in step with the digital times.

Sonata 7˝cluster / 10.25˝navigation

12.3 inch full LCD cluster /
Integrated driving mode (Comfort / Smart / Eco / Sport)

The SuperVision cluster seamlessly integrates with the navigation unit to offer turn-by-turn navigation and an expanded array of information presented in clear, concise and colorful graphics. By automatic adjustment of the transmission shift schedule, the integrated driving mode offers the driver a choice of four types of drive settings to suit personal preferences each displayed in its own distinctive color.

Rule the road.

Sonata flexes its muscle on command to keep you feeling confident and in charge in all driving situations. Whether cruising along the open highway or working through stop and go city traffic, there’s a nimble yet dynamic quality that calms, relaxes and satisfies the driver. Steering is light yet precise and the ride is silkysmooth. Premium appointments such as the head-up display and SuperVision gauge cluster with its blind spot view monitor further elevate driver awareness and safety.

Sonata rule the road.


Power with precision.

Sonata dials it up with a choice of two new and improved powertrains mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox. Gear selection is controlled by a new shift-by-wire selector that makes for safer, more precise and fool-proof gear changes and its smaller footprint clears up valuable space on the center console. This same push-button convenience is brought to the optional electronic parking brake which comes with auto-hold that allows the driver to remove his foot from the brake pedal during stops to relax the leg muscles while maintaining brake pressure.

Sonata Shift-by-wire automatic transmission

Shift-by-wire automatic transmission

Take every precaution.

Sonata leaps to the front of the race for a lighter, more rigid body structure by using more high-specification steel alloys than ever before. Not only is the body the stiffest ever, but it is 24kg lighter and quieter than previous generation models. That ensures Sonata meets and, in many cases, even exceeds the most stringent crash safety test standards in the world. Depowered front airbags are supplied as standard equipment but thoracic/pelvic airbags for the driver and front passenger are optional as are full-length side curtain airbags.

Sonata engine room structure and 9 air bag system

Multiple skeleton engine room structure

Safety critical sub-substructures, particularly the dash crossmembers and A-pillars are made with hot-stamped steel to attain the highest possible rigidity and better withstand crash impact forces. The novel design even protects cabin occupants against the dangers of secondary impacts the collisions that can often take place after the initial collision.

9 airbag system

Driver and front passenger are protected by depowered-type airbags that minimize the risk of injury caused by airbag deployment.
Optional protection from side impacts is offered in the form of curtain airbags which provide head protection and thoracic/pelvic airbags that protect the driver and front seat passenger.

It knows before you do.

A road mishap may not be on your radar but Hyundai SmartSense is always ready for the worst. SmartSense encompasses Hyundai’s cutting-edge Advanced Driver Safety Assistance Systems. ADAS has your back, protecting you with features like Safe Exit Assist and the Surround View Monitor that are continuously on the lookout, working quietly behind the scenes scanning the road for signs of trouble. You may not be aware of that car in the blind spot, but Sonata’s Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist is perfectly aware and will alert you to its presence. Sonata ADAS technology loves you and protects you like family.

Sonata Safe Exit Assist (SEA)

Safe Exit Assist (SEA)

SEA blocks any attempt to disengage the child safety lock and prevents the rear door from opening when it is unsafe to do so. On detecting the presence of a rear seat passenger and the approach of a vehicle from the rear, SEA will also flash a pop-up message on the cluster and will issue an audible alarm, alerting the driver to the danger.

Sonata Surround View Monitor (SVM)

Surround View Monitor (SVM)

SVM uses the AVN head unit to serve up a 360-degree birds eye view of the car and its surroundings. This optional system comes in quite handy when trying to fit the car into a tight parking spot.

Sonata Blind spot view monitor

Blind spot view monitor

Apply high-level safety technologies to provide an active safety image that allows the car to think about and take care of its safety.

My comfort zone.

Sonata has a way of becoming a part of you, an extension of your body. Its seats cradle you while gauges, control knobs and pedals align perfectly with eyes, hands and feet for a sense of complete confidence and total control.
The optional 10.25-in HD navigation (1920x720) features split-screen capabilities with a simple and intuitive interface that allows the screen to be divided up to display the three separate functions if multi-tasking is desired.

Sonata 10.25 inch Navigation

10.25 inch Navigation

Sonata Bluetooth multi-pairing

Bluetooth multi-pairing

The all-new Sonata takes the next step in Bluetooth pairing by supporting dual devices. Now the driver can enjoy the use of the hands-free function, including optional voice recognition support while the second device is connected to the all-new Sonata for streaming or mp3 file playback.

Sonata BOSE premium sound system

BOSE premium sound system

Creates a surround sound listening experience from stereo sources such as digital files and satellite radio.

Sonata wireless smartphone charging system

Wireless smartphone charging system

Lost or misplaced recharging cords? The cord is a thing of the past with the wireless smartphone charging system that ensures your phone will never go dead. The vehicle will even chime a gentle warning should the phone be accidentally left behind after exiting the vehicle.

Sonata walk-in device

Walk-In device

The walk-in device button extends front seat control functions to the rear seat passenger such as chauffeured executives who may want extra legroom. It’s one of many interior details that demonstrate careful consideration for comfort and convenience.

Sonata 3.5inch LCD cluster

3.5″ TFT LCD cluster

Sonata manual air conditioning system

Manual air conditioning system

Sonata full auto air conditioning system

Full auto air conditioning system

Sonata seat folding system (6:4 type)

Seat folding system (6:4 type)


Standard audio system

Standard audio system

Sonata 8″ LCD touch screen

8″ LCD touch screen

Sonata 10.25″ LCD touch screen

10.25″ LCD touch screen

Sonata Head-up display

Head-up display

Sonata Driver’s 10-way power seat

Driver’s 10-way power seat




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