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Hyundai Palisade
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160,100 e

Hyundai Palisade Diesel

8 Number of seats
200 HP
9.1 / 6.1 / 7.2 100km City/Out of City/Mixed

Always Remarkable.

A random turn down a different road can lead to a wonderful discovery. For those with a sense of adventure and who want to explore for themselves, Hyundai presents its all-new Palisade, the ultimate getaway vehicle. With its bold design, Palisade is made for those who dare to be different, who want to break the daily routine and just get away from it all. From its innovative smart safety features to its class-leading spaciousness, Palisade delivers an endless stream of pleasant surprises.

Always Remarkable.

Get it all done in style.

There’s a busy day ahead: school runs, fitness club, lunch with friends and shopping. When there’s so much to do and so little time to do it, Palisade helps you get it all done and in high style. Safety, comfort and convenience features are all well-thought-out and take much of the stress out of driving. Palisade lets you relax, focus on the important things and makes life a whole lot easier.

Get it all done in style.

Remember that time.

The big day is here so round up the crew, load up Palisade and head for that special place. Beautiful memories are made on days like this and Palisade helps make it all happen. Whatever the mix of passengers and cargo, Palisade is built to handle the job with comfort and ease.

Remember that time.

Smart start.

Palisade is loaded with remarkable smart features like the power tailgate that not only opens automatically but also allows you to adjust the opening/closing speed and lift height to suit personal preferences. And should you ever accidentally leave a child or pet behind after parking, the rear passenger alert system will automatically issue a gentle reminder. Smart from start to finish, that’s Palisade.

Smart start.

Refreshingly clean.

Beyond the cabin’s clean, ultra-modern lines, there’s clean air technology that not only filters away dust and pollen but also deodorizes the air with an ionizer. And seconds before entering a tunnel, Palisade will automatically close the windows and cut off external air intake. Double-laminated glass ensures whisper quiet travel while the 10.25″ touchscreen comes with split-screen and 360-degree surround view monitor capabilities to ensure effortless command and control.

Refreshingly clean.

Strong distinguished front.

Palisade front view

Palisade black & silver paint radiator grille

Black & Silver paint radiator grille

Palisade light-reflective chrome radiator grille

Light-reflective chrome radiator grille

Palisade Projection headlamps

Projection headlamps

Palisade LED headlamps

LED headlamps

Powerful wide side profile.

Palisade side view

Palisade dual sunroof

Dual sunroof

Palisade 18˝alloy wheel

18˝alloy wheel

Palisade 20˝alloy wheel

20˝alloy wheel

Stable stance, clean volume.

Palisade rear view

Palisade LED rear combination lamp

LED rear combination lamp

Palisade rear fog lamp

Rear fog lamp


The horizontal layout creates a spacious, pleasant feeling while the bridge-type console is a class above the rest.

Large luggage space.

Cargo, kids or adults, whatever you throw at it, the highly versatile Palisade can handle it. The cabin space can be easily configured in a variety of different ways to tackle the demands of the moment. And with the third row folded, Palisade offers a generous 1,297-liters of cargo space.

2nd and 3rd row folded

2nd and 3rd row folded

3rd row folded and 2nd row folded 60%

3rd row folded and 2nd row folded 60%

3rd row folded and 2nd row folded 40%

3rd row folded and 2nd row folded 40%

3rd row folded

3rd row folded

8 seats

8 seats



Palisade 7˝cluster / 10.25˝navigation

7˝cluster / 10.25˝navigation
(Apple Carplay / Android Auto)

Palisade bridge-type high console

Bridge-type high console

Explore the limits.

Wherever your journey takes you on or off-road Palisade proves itself to be a highly capable performer thanks to the innovative H-TRAC 4-wheel-drive system and Multi-Terrain Control. Whether you’re cruising along city streets or over the roughest terrain, Palisade handles the task with equal ease.

Explore the limits.

Multi Terrain Control

Palisade Multi Terrain Control

When the going gets tough, SNOW, MUD and SAND modes assure optimal tire traction over different types of rough terrain. A quick glance at the center cluster or AVN will confirm terrain mode status.

Palisade Sand Mode


Simply select Snow Mode on the Multi-Terrain Control and H-TRAC’s advanced AWD system employs variable power delivery to the rear wheels to optimize tire traction on slippery snow-covered roads.

Palisade MUD Mode

MUD Mode

Ensures maximum traction even on muddy roads thanks to the new coupling unit provides electronically controlled torque distribution among the four wheels. On sensing individual wheel slip, the smart controller automatically compensates by increasing torque to the wheels with greater traction.

Palisade Sand Mode


The smart controller automatically adjusts the power distribution ratio between the front/rear axles and will automatically allocate the correct amount of torque and/or braking power to individual wheels to ensure the highest level of safety on sand covered surfaces.

Drive mode

Palisade drive mode

A simple push of the button switches between Drive and Terrain modes. Turn the knob to select the mode that suits you best: COMFORT for everyday driving, ECO for optimal fuel efficiency, SPORT for quicker acceleration or SMART which employs a learning algorithm that automatically adjusts gear shift intervals based on recent driving patterns.

Palisade drive mode comfort


Palisade drive mode eco


Palisade drive mode sport


Palisade drive mode smart


All the power you need.

Palisade comes with a choice of powertrains, both mated to a shift-by-wire eight-speed automatic transmission. The highly efficient and eco-friendly Gen II Lambda gasoline and R-series diesel engines deliver best-in-class power output and are in full compliance with local emission regulations.

All the power you need.

Palisade 8-speed shift-by-wire automatic transmission

8-speed shift-by-wire automatic transmission

Palisade HTRAC All-Wheel Drive

HTRAC All-Wheel Drive


A real handful.

It’s time for that big family trip and you’ve got a lot on your hands. But with Palisade’s smart safety features, you get peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are protected by a 6-airbag system and a range of smart safety features that are unprecedented in the Palisade segment.

A handful.

6-Airbag system

Palisade offers 6 airbags: the driver and front passenger get a pair of front airbags plus a pair of side airbags to protect the thorax and pelvic areas while left and right curtain airbags offer head protection for all cabin occupants.

Palisade 6-airbag system

Palisade Safe Exit Assist (First in class)

Safe Exit Assist (First in class)

Keep your family safe with the Safe Exit Assist. Palisade senses vehicles approaching from the rear and keeps the child lock engaged thus preventing passengers from getting out.
When the vehicles have passed, a simple push of a button unlocks the door for a safe exit.

Palisade Surround View Monitor (SVM)

Surround View Monitor (SVM)

A multi-camera system provides a 360-degree view around the vehicle to assist the driver in parking situations.


Smart power tailgate

If the driver stands near the rear of the vehicle for three seconds with the smart key in his or her possession, the tailgate will open automatically, requiring no other action and enabling the driver to remove items from the vehicle easily and conveniently. The driver can adjust the maximum height to which the tailgate opens by setting the tailgate to the desired height and pressing and holding the “Close” button for an extended period of time.

Palisade Smart power tailgate

Palisade Three-zone, Independent-control, fully automatic air conditioning

Three-zone, Independent-control, fully automatic air conditioning

Palisade features independent heating and cooling systems for the second-row seats, dual fully automatic air conditioning system for the front seats, and adjustable overhead vents that work in tandem with floor vents to help ensure maximum comfort throughout the entire cabin.

Palisade Blind-Spot View Monitor (BVM)

Blind-Spot View Monitor (BVM)

On activating the turn signal, the center cluster displays a live video image of the rear area captured by miniature cameras built into the left or right side-view mirrors. By providing a clear, wide view of the vehicle’s blind spots, Palisade makes driving safer than ever.

Palisade Head-Up Display (HUD)

Head-Up Display (HUD)

To minimize visual distractions and keep the driver’s eyes fixed firmly on the road ahead, HUD projects the vehicle speed, current drive mode, navigation instructions and other key vehicle data directly onto the windshield.

Palisade sleep Mode System (SMS)

Sleep Mode System (SMS)

If backseat passengers are asleep, SMS allows the driver to mute the backseat speakers and to listen to music through the first-row speakers without disturbing anyone.

Palisade 2nd-row USB charging ports

2nd-row USB charging ports

Palisade Walk-in Button

Walk-in Button

ade 3.5″ TFT LCD cluster

3.5″ TFT LCD cluster

Palisade 8″ LCD Touch screen

8″ LCD Touch screen

Palisade three-zone full auto air conditioning system

Three-zone full auto air conditioning system

Palisade wireless smartphone charging system

Wireless smartphone charging system

Palisade conversation mirror

Conversation mirror

Palisade Integrated memory system (IMS)

Integrated Memory System (IMS)

Palisade driver’s 10-way power seat

Driver’s 10-way power seat

Palisade rear seat warmer

Rear seat warmer


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