CRETA 2020

From 49,900 GEL

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1.6 PETROL 4X2 D200

1.6 PETROL 4X2 D200

55,800 e

1.6 PETROL 4X2

1.6 PETROL 4X2

49,900 e

2.0 PETROL 4X4

2.0 PETROL 4X4

62,700 e

2.0 PETROL 4X4 G019

2.0 PETROL 4X4 G019

64,700 e


5 Number of seats
123 HP
10.2 / 6.0 / 7.5 100km City/Out of City/Mixed



CRETA For Roads and Directions

  • Economical Fuel Consumption  7,5 ლ 100 კმ
  • Max Torque 149,6 ცხ.ძ
  • 6 Airbags
  • A great list of options


CRETA 1.6 4X2 D087 


  • 6 speed automatic transmission
  • Engine: 1.591 cm³, petrol, 16 valves
  • 4 cylinder DOHC




The design that awakens emotions

More dynamics and comfort for those who are not afraid of changes. Everything that you expect from the car, Hyundai has embodied in Creta.


Modern Design

Swiftness, flowing lines and dynamics are perfectly matched in this model - high quality in each detail.


Advanced Protection

To provide advanced protection Hyundai Creta is equipped with 6 airbags - 2 front and 2 side airbags for driver and front passenger, also it has side curtain airbags from all sides.


A real oasis of comfort

Spacious cabin, convenience and comfort, modern technologies. Details matter.


Cost-saving and efficient engines

Modern gasoline engines provide high efficiency without negative impact on performance and cmfort.

Strong Steel Frame

Hyundai Creta  high-streght frame provides more safety for driver ans passengers.

Exclusive control

6 speedis better than 5, especially when 6-speed transmission is more compact, light, smooth and quit.







Energy inspired by nature

Creta new design concept full of spirit of nature is perfect embodiment of your own style.



The projection headlights

The projection-type headlights with static backlight keep the movement in thedark more comfortable.


Fog lights

Fog lights not only improve visibility, but makes your car appearance more attractive and impressive.


Radiator Grille

Effective and powerful grille imparts your auto breathtaking view.


Rear Led Lights

Led lights usage increases safety level due to higher brightness and faster switching- on.


Protective strip

Rear bumper protective strip protects its lacquer coating.


Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels will emphasize Creta stability and sporty appearance.


Rear Wiper

Always excellent visibility through the rare window.


Protective strips on the door sills

Protective strips on the door sills emphasize high style, improve the passengers comfort and protect sills.








Hospitable and thoughtful Creta interior

Every detail is created for driver and passengers maximum comfort. This auto disposes to travel.


Supervision Dashboard

Supervision Dashboard contains all necessary information to control your car permanently.


Air Conditioning

Set desired temperature mode and forget about its adjustment, air conditioning system functions automatically.


Air Conditioning

Set desired temperature mode and forget about its adjustment, air conditioning system functions automatically.



Comfortable seats

Each passenger in Hyundai Creta feels pleasure during the travelling due to highly comfortable seats.



Back Door Pocket

Special pocket on a back door suitable for books and maps.




Luggage Rack

Luggage Rack is useful to store different little things.


Trunk Lighting

It is easy to find everything you need even when it is dark.


Storage container in the front armrest

There is an embedded in the front armrest hidden storage compartment for various small items.


The spacious pocket

Spacious pocket on the back side of passenger seat is completely convenient to store magazines and newspapers in.



Store your glasses in special spectacle-case and you won't waste time looking for them.







Outstanding efficiency

Every kilometer and turn give pleasure due to comfortable and smooth driving. Exactly tuned settings and powerful engines make you feel pleased regardless of road conditions and day time.


1.6 MPi

The new generation of fuel injection system provides more efficient fuel cost-effectiveness, enhanced performance and helps to reduce noise. 1.6 MPi provides maximum power 123 HP 6300 N/m.

123 Max Torque, HP

150.7 Max Torque, Nm


2.0 MPi

The new generation of fuel injection system provides more efficient fuel cost-effectiveness, enhanced performance and helps to reduce noise. 2.0 MPi provides maximum power 149 HP 6200 N/m

149.6 Max Torque, HP

192 Max Torque, Nm


6 - Speed Automatic Transmission

Transmission provides great acceleration, cost-efficiency and helps to reduce CO2 emissions. Standard chrome bezel perfectly suits with leather-trimmed steering wheel.


6-Speed Manual Transmission

6-Speed Manual Transmission provides precise and smooth shifting. Hill-start assistance system keeps car from rolling-back.








Comprehensive Protection

Creta implies all possible security measures to minimize risks of serious injuries.


Electronic Stability Control

Electronic Stability Control permanently monitors the level of car stability and traction. If the system finds out the risk of sliding and loosing driving control it automatically turns on braking on individual wheels that helps keep car stability.


Enhanced Steel Frame

For the best protection of the driver and passengers in Creta are used durable and very high strength steel alloys.


6 Airbags

6 airbags, including airbags for the driver and front passenger, side airbags and curtain airbags along the entire length of the glazing to protect the head - in Creta everything is designed to minimize the risk of serious injury.


Hill-Assistance Control

Hill-Assistance Control automatically turns on the braking to prevent rolling back.









The opportunities which is impossible to refuse

Sense of comfort and safety, quality in each detail - let your car exceed your expectations.


Audio System

Enjoy high quality sound with sophisticated and dynamic stereo system.


Steering Wheel Control Buttons

Regulate any settings of audio system without taking hands off the steering wheel.


Parking Assisting System

Back view image displays on the multimedia system screen. Indicators define your position toward other cars or a border. Sensors on the back bumper warn about objects that you can’t notice.


Interior Lighting


Front Sockets

Two 12V sockets in the front console for extra comfort to charge your electronic devices.


Ports for charging

USB/iPod and AUX ports to connect or charge mobile devices.


Smart Key

For Hyundai Creta driver is available to get into the car without the key.


Seat Belts Adjustment

You can adjust your seat belts by height – extra comfort for a driver and front passenger.


Engine Start Button

Engine start button is more comfortable than common ignition key – one touch switches on or switches off the engine.

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