About us

  • Hyundai means " Modernity "

    Hyundai was founded as a small construction firm by Chung Ju-yung in 1947. The company initially performed orders from the American military, later was building houses, bridges and ships. With time successful company was more and more interested in automotive industry. As a result, in 1967 was founded Hyundai Motor Company. The company opened an automotive production line, initially was working with leading American and Japanese companies, was building factories in Europe and Asia. Step by step company gaining prestige in the international market and recognition among motorists.


    By 2000, Hyundai Motor Company became the national market leader.

    In 2005 ranked among the world's brands "Top-100".

    In 2010 it was recognized as the world's fifth largest car manufacturer.

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  • Brand Essence


    Simplifying what's complicated, while focusing on the most important 
    necessities. Modern Premium is all about realizing the values and experiences 
    them in a more simplified and convenient way.


    For change and innovation that best provides the most important necessities. The 
    creative thinking that Modern Premium seeks is about providing actual benefits 
    to the customer while addressing their needs in the smartest and most efficient 


    Cars that care for the driver with heightened reliability, a safer environment and 
    emotional value. The care that is reflected in Hyundai Motor's Modern Premium 
    delivers our concern and consideration through emotional values.