Hyundai Motor Presented KONA

  • KONA is Hyundai Motor's first segment B SUV, launched in 2017
  • Compact SUVs reflect the adventurous and energetic “content” of KONA as part of the Hawaiian Islands.
  • The new model continues the Hyundai tradition: the names of SUVs are linked to famed travel destinations.

April 2017 - Hyundai Motor unveils its new compact SUV, named after KONA, the Hawaiian Islands coastal district.  KONA's imminent "arrival" indicates Hyundai Motor's bold "bump" in the production of SUVs and further expansion of SUVs. KONA model name continues Hyundai tradition:  The models are named according to well-known tourist destinations - Creta, Santa Fe, Tucson and Veracruz.  The compact KONA reflects the many attributes of the Hawaiian Islands life. Hawaiian Islands are very much appreciated by extreme sports enthusiasts, including surfing, water skiing, underwater ice. The vibrant image of the island is reflected in Hyundai's innovative, practical and high-performance design.

KONA is also designed to enhance driving dynamics as Hyundai hopes to set compact SUV standards. KONA's best interior and innovative design features point to the development of a new generation of SUVs.

In addition to KONA's upcoming Creta, Tucson, Santa Fe line, the Hyundai Motor has continued to deliver on its bold, sophisticated design and the promise of a spacious interior SUV. These key attributes are recognized by Hyundai Motor as a major driver of sales amid the growing popularity of SUVs.

The name of this district of the Hawaiian Islands - KONA is derived from the ancient Hawaiian language. This place is famous for its extreme sports and its finest coffee beans. - end -

About Hyundai Motor 

Founded in 1967, the Hyundai Motor Company has committed itself to a credible partnership not only in the automobile but also in other areas of life.  The company is run by Hyundai Motor Group, an advanced business structure that makes resource-efficient ironing the perfect car. Hyundai Motor has eight manufacturing plants and seven design and maintenance centers around the world. In 2016, the company sold 4.86 million vehicles. With more than 110,000 employees worldwide at Hyundai Motor Company, and continuing to grow its product line, it is striving to take the lead in clean manufacturing with its first wide-selling hydrogen engine cars - the ix35 Fuel Cell and IONIQ - the first model in the world, with three engine units in one frame. .